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Thursday, April 10, 2014

the colbert series

It started as a way to deal with me hijacking the television. I needed to watch Letterman from the night before. My six-year old needed to draw. It was fun and adorable and priceless. Unless your name is Sarah Jessica Parker then so many apologies.

Then it became something my seven-year old just did. 'Is that Justin Bieber? Yes! Can you pause that, Mom?' You know I could and did.

And then it became that thing my eight-year old had no interest in continuing whatsoever. 'Hey, Sting is on.' 'Who?' 'Sting?' 'I don't know what that is.' So I paid him. High one figures. He was thrilled.

I'm not saying Colbert is definitely getting a book. But he might.

the letterman series. |  Sarah Jessica Parker + David Letterman

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  1. I...LOVE...this! He is so talented. Miss you guys. xxx
    the other Americans