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Monday, April 30, 2012

there are no words

But, man, are there a lot of pictures!  

Our first hundred days.  In Sydney.

These guys.

This guy.

Our fish market.

The bridge that Oprah touched.

Charlie and his school hat hit Bronte Beach.

View from the zoo.

This is what chlamydia looks like.

Charlie and his daily activity of tormenting an Ibis.

Scootering at Bondi Beach.

Darth Maul and some other guys.

A younger Aussie version of Martha Stewart.

Just a roo.

The Cross City Tunnel.
At $5 a pop, it is always this clean and empty.

My new favorite artist:  Marise Maas.

1st goal e-ver!

Charlie is the one over-stretching in the middle.

One guess.

Shelly Beach in my shoes.

One of the smaller Australian spiders.

Max cannot not put up the bunny ears.

You can't escape them.

Charlie multi-tasking with cricket gear.

Our Anzac Bridge.

Seconds before that bad wet dog trampled my good dry purse. 

The one day a year where it is legal to bet on a coin toss.
We won $40.  And then I lost $40.

It's true.